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the website publicly accessible at the

a person who is an adult and does not act as a professional or businessman, with whom the Seller concludes a remote sales agreement


a purchase order made by the Buyer according to the procedures described in Article 2.1 for the delivery of one or more Products


a product that the seller exposes and proposes for sale on its website

Purchase price:
the price of the Product indicated on the website, including VAT and shipping costs


the whole of all the products that the Buyer selects through the button “Accord to the CARRELLO”

the order of purchase that the buyer accepted as such.

Article 1. Applicability of general conditions.


These General Conditions, made available online by the Seller at the address www., all offers, orders, agreements and other agreements regulated by law, between the Buyer and the Seller with reference to the use of the Site, including the purchase and sale of Products on the Site or through it.

Article 2. Conclusion and content of the agreement.


The presentation and advertising of the Products on our Website do not constitute a binding offer for the conclusion of a purchase agreement.


The Buyer can select the Products from the Seller’s freight assortment, and put them in a “carrello” by clicking the “ALL TO CARRIAL” button.


After adding to your shopping cart all the products you want to buy, the Buyer can continue by clicking the “checkout” button.

It will then be redirected to an overview of its purchase order (checkout), indicating description, price and indicative delivery period. The date of delivery indicated in this phase of compilation of the order is to be considered only as indicative and is automatically calculated by the Site taking into account the average indicative times declared by the carriers. In no event will the date of delivery constitute commitment and/or contractual bond for the Seller

The Buyer will enter your billing address. If the shipping address differs from the invoice address, it may also indicate the required shipping address

At this stage the Buyer has the possibility to indicate a preferred courier among those available for the destination area. The choice of the courier is optional for the Buyer and does not constitute a contractual obligation for the Seller who reserves the right to entrust the shipment of the goods to the carrier considered more appropriate according to different factors (e.g. logistics congestion – strike forecast – etc.).


After selecting the delivery address, the Buyer can continue with the order procedure (checkout) by choosing between the following payment methods:

Credit/debit card: With this payment method, the Buyer will be able to conclude the Order by entering the credit/debit card details. By clicking the “Confirm and Pay” button, the Buyer will enter a legally binding order. The “Confirm and Pay” button will only be active if the General Terms and Conditions of the Seller have previously been approved by checking the box adjacent to the button itself.
Before clicking the “Confirm and Pay” button, the Buyer may cancel the order at any time, modify the content by removing the existing goods from the cart and/or adding new products, as well as change the shipping address and payment method. With the payment method Credit Card/Debit card the execution of the binding order for the Buyer and its payment will take place simultaneously.

Bank transfer:

with this payment method, the Buyer will enter a legally binding order by clicking the “Send Order” button. The “Send Order” button will be active only if the General Terms and Conditions of the Seller have previously been approved by checking the box near the information of these Terms and Conditions. Before clicking the “Send Order” button, the Buyer may cancel the order at any time, modify the content by removing the existing merchandise from the cart and/or adding new products, as well as change the shipping address and payment method. After sending the Order, the Buyer will receive a summary e-mail with details for the execution of the bank transfer. The buyer will have 5 (five) working days of time to perform the payment and to give notice to the seller, after that period the seller will be able to cancel the order by giving prompt communication to the Buyer

with this payment method, the Buyer will enter a legally binding order by clicking the “Pay with Paypal” button. The “Pay with Paypal” button will only be active if the General Terms and Conditions of the Seller have been approved by checking the box adjacent to the button. Before clicking the “Pay with Paypal” button, the Buyer may cancel the order at any time, modify the content by removing the existing goods from the cart and/or adding new products, as well as change the shipping address and payment method. Once the “Pay with Paypal” button is selected, the Buyer will be redirected to the PayPal website to make the payment. At the end of the payment procedure on the PayPal website, a binding Order will be generated for the Buyer at the time of payment.

the right of mark", duly and clearly indicated in the checkout phase, which will be summed to the total to be paid.


The order shall assume binding value for the Seller only after the Seller himself has accepted the order in writing, or through a declaration of acceptance or through the delivery of the ordered Product. The Seller will immediately confirm the receipt of the Order made by the Buyer through the Website by sending an email to the Buyer. This e-mail constitutes only a confirmation of receipt of the order by the Seller and does not constitute a binding acceptance of the Order, unless it also contains a declaration of acceptance, as well as confirmation of receipt.


The Seller reserves the right to refuse the Order made by the Buyer or cancel the Buyer’s account in the following specific cases:

  • If the total value of the Order exceeds the amount specified in the Payments section of the Frequently Asked Questions;
  • If the data entered by the Buyer is false and/or incomplete, or the Seller may reasonably question its veracity;
  • If the payment due by the Buyer is not made immediately after the Order is made or in any case within the required terms;
  • If the Buyer has not fulfilled payment obligations with regard to the Seller in the past;
  • If the Buyer has refused to accept and/or has not withdrawn the orders made in the past at the Seller;
  • If you experience an obvious error or processing in the prices shown on the Website;
  • If the requested shipping address is not located in the country of residence of the Buyer;
  • If any action of the Buyer is fraudulent or suspected.


If you do not accept the order, the Seller will notify the Buyer as soon as possible. In this case, any payment already made by the Buyer will be immediately refunded, but the Seller reserves the right to retain a sum corresponding to the eventual damage caused by the Buyer following fraudulent and/or suspicious activities.


The Order, the Order’s confirmation by the Seller, as well as the Personal Data Protection Directive and the Terms of Use on the Website published in the latter, as well as the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions, constitute the Agreement as a whole between the Buyer and the Seller regarding the use of the Website and the execution and execution of an order.

Article 3. Shipping method and delivery dates.


The delivery will be carried out by a carrier designated by the Seller

In the checkout phase the Buyer has the right to indicate a preferred courier, but this does not constitute a constraint for the Seller, who reserves the right to designate the most suitable carrier to reach the destination address indicated by the Buyer in the fastest and safest way


If the Buyer has decided for an early payment, once the Agreement is concluded and provided that the Buyer has paid the Purchaser the Purchaser the Purchaser the full amount of the Purchaser, the Seller will send the Products at the address indicated by the Buyer as soon as possible and in any case within five (5) working days unless the parties have agreed a longer delivery time


The Seller will deliver, within the limits of possible, according to the agreed delivery dates; in any case the Buyer acknowledges that the delivery dates, depending on services provided by third parties, are indicated by the Seller on the basis of information received by those third parties at the time of the Purchase.


Where the delivery was delayed or if the Order could not be executed in whole or in part, the Buyer will receive a notification within 10 working days from the conclusion of the Agreement. In case of delay, the Buyer may withdraw from the Agreement, without penalty, until the Order is delivered. If an Order cannot be executed in whole or in part, it may be deleted by the Seller, with reference only to the Product that cannot be delivered. In no event will the Seller be held responsible for any damage caused by the delay of delivery by the carrier.


Since the Product is delivered to the courier, the risk arising from any damage or loss will be borne by the Buyer

Article 4. Price and payment.


The prices indicated on the Site are shown in Euro and include the Value Added Tax (VAT) and do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are clearly indicated during checkout and may be granted free of charge if the Order amount exceeds certain thresholds clearly indicated on the Site. The Total Purchase Price will be indicated when the Order is finalized and the Agreement confirmed.


The Seller shall have the right to change the prices indicated on the Site from time to time without this being communicated. The prices indicated at the time of the Order must be considered as part of the Agreement, meaning accepted by the Buyer. No refund and/or integration will be due to the Buyer following changes to the sales prices made by the Seller after sending the Order


Payments may be made using one of the methods indicated on the Site.


The Buyer is obliged to promptly notify the Seller of any errors in the payment details he provided.


If the Buyer does not comply with the payment period, the Seller may apply legal interests at the price from the date of payment.

Article 5. Return and refund policy

Returning a product has never been so easy!

If you need to return your order for any reason, we are here to help you! We offer returns with refundFREE within 30 daysFrom product deliveryNO QUESTIONS ASKED


To start a return or change, you just have to complete the following steps:

  • Send us an email to, indicating the order number and if you want to change the size or have a refund. In response, we will send you the data to proceed with the return.

  • Confirm the shipment of the returned product (the shipping costs will be borne by the customer), providing an identification code so that we can verify the return at any time.


Further information:

  • The returned items must not show visible signs of wear or use.

  • For products purchased by code obtained through "gift coupon", the refund will be made by means of additional discount code for the value of the purchase made (unless any shipping costs).

  • We also recall that in case of repeated absence at the time of delivery and non-will to withdraw the product in deposit in the following 5 days, the product will be returned to the sender (Step by Step), who will proceed to make a refund to the customer, net of the expenses incurred for sending the product and its return.

For any doubt, please contact us at our


Products purchased for professional purposes (Acquirent with game Iva) cannot be returned

Article 6. Come on, Major.


The Seller is not responsible for any damage resulting from the delay in delivery or failure of delivery that is caused by circumstances that prevent him from fulfilling his obligations, for which the same cannot be blamed and for which he is exempted by law, an act or convention, such as – even if not limited to – war, threat of war, civil war, revolts, day of national profit announced by the government.


If the Seller, as a result of an event of force majeure, does not comply with the obligation due under the Agreement or does not comply promptly, it may comply with the Agreement in a reasonable period or – where the fulfillment in a reasonable period is impossible – both the Buyer and the Seller themselves may terminate the Agreement in whole or in part, without obligation to pay any allowance.

Article 7. Reclaim.


The contact details of the Seller or of the third parties responsible for managing the contests are available on the Site by clicking on “Help → Contact Us”.


The Buyer shall inspect the Product when it is delivered and communicate within a reasonable period to the Seller if there are visible defects or if there are any disputes in relation to the performance of the Agreement.


The Seller shall respond to any dispute within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. The Seller, in the event of failing to manage the dispute over time, will notify the Buyer within 14 days of the deadline within which the latter may expect an answer.


The Buyer acknowledges that there are no disputes concerning minimum changes, generally considered acceptable changes and changes that cannot be avoided or that it is very difficult to avoid

Such disputes as well as those concerning articles which are no longer part of the products on sale, are not founded. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Buyer in relation to such disputes.


If the Seller decides to recall a Product, the Buyer will strive to provide maximum collaboration. The Buyer will immediately notify the Seller if he suspects that a product is defective and will then be recalled.

Article 8. Property reserve.


The Seller will retain the right of ownership on all Products that must be delivered until the following bonds are fulfilled:

  • the obligations and obligations (including those of payment) of the Buyer in relation to the Products that, under the Agreement, have been or must be delivered; and disputes by virtue of a breach of the Buyer in relation to his fulfillment of this Agreement

Article 9. Guarantees and liability.


The Seller is obliged by law to provide a Product in accordance with the contract concluded with the Buyer.


The Seller is not responsible for any indirect, further or consequent damage of any kind, which the Buyer suffers in relation to the Agreement. In no case direct damage, for which the Seller is legally responsible for the Buyer, may exceed the Purchaser’s Price, unless expressly provided for by law


The Seller refers to its responsibilities with regard to the Website and its use.

Article 10. Applicable law.


Italian law applies to this contract.

Article 11. No clauses.


In the event that any clause of these General Conditions is void:

  • the other clauses contained in these General Conditions must be considered effective; and
  • the clause nothing must be interpreted or converted into a valid for the same purpose.

Article 12. Changes to general conditions.


The Seller shall be entitled to change these General Conditions from time to time. The latest version of the General Conditions will be placed on the Site. The Buyer must always consult these General Conditions before using the Site. Where the Buyer is unable to consult the General Conditions via the Internet, the Seller must send him a copy of the latest version by e-mail.

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